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Representing the best debt collection agencies in Europe

Service for Clients

Service for Clients

International debt collection is a vital part of doing business in an international environment. Learn how you can benefit from using European Collectors Association to help you business.

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Service for Members

Service for Members

One collection family with a strong code of conduct.

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Why ECA?

The European Collectors Association is a European organization of debt collectors whose membership represents the best debt collection agencies in Europe. As a client or interested party of a member agency, you can feel confident that you will be afforded the best assistance possible in collecting debt, regardless of the location of your debtors

The European Union has 28 members and 5 candidate countries. Geographically there are at least 51 countries within Europe. 24 languages are spoken and the EURO is not the one and only currency. There are a lot more problems to face within Europe

Your Insurance of Professionalism

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, timely and cost-effective debt recovery and debt collection is vital. Make debt collection a high priority. And when you need the help of an international debt collection agency, choose an ECA member – your assurance of professionalism and world-wide experience.

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ECA General Assembly in Almere May 20 – 21, 2019

We are very happy to announce, that our General Assembly will take place in Almere, The Netherlands May 20-21 , 2019. Our hosts will be Mr Raymond Pappot and Mr Erwin Falkner of DCG . The board.....

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