International debt collection is a vital part of doing business in an international environment. Business today is international in scope, with customers spread out over hundreds of thousands of miles and across continents. In this fast-paced economic environment, keeping your accounts receivables current is crucial to your organization’s cash flow and bottom line.

An organization of international debt collectors The European Collectors Association is a world-wide organization of debt collectors whose membership represents the best debt collection agencies in Europe.

As a client of a member agency, you can feel confident that you will be afforded the best assistance possible in collecting debt, regardless of the location of your debtors. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, timely and cost-effective debt recovery and debt collection is vital.

Make debt collection a high priority. And when you need the help of an international debt collection agency, choose an ECA member – your assurance of professionalism and world-wide experience. To find out more about international debt collection and how ECA can help you, please contact us or any of our members.

3 Reasons why you should work with an ECA certified debt collection agency

  • Adherence to a rigorous Code of Conduct.
  • Maintenance of separate client accounts for collected funds; prompt remittance of collected funds to creditors.
  • All ECA members are personally acquainted with each other member of the association.

ECA Obligations

  • Behave at all times with integrity towards both the client and the debtor.
  • Act responsibly and with care in the day to day conduct of business.
  • Make all agency staff aware of the principles of this Code of Conduct.
  • Continually examine procedures, and that of any third party employed, to ensure conformance to the highest possible legal and ethical standards.

Obligations to the Client/Creditor

  • Safeguard the security of all client funds collected and held in separate client accounts.
  • Account for all funds collected and progress of collection actions to the client at least once a month or as otherwise agreed upon between the agency and the client.
  • Inform the client in advance of all rates and charges for services rendered.
  • Arrange for and ensure that clients may, by prior arrangement, visit the agency’s offices for the purposes of auditing and checking their individual collection accounts.
  • Deal promptly and at the management level with any client complaint.

Obligations to ECA

  • Provide the association annually with a Certificate of Solvency as per the last audited accounts and signed by the auditor.
  • Provide a copy of the required trading license according to the statutes of the agency’s resident country.
  • Accept all recommendations made by the General Assembly of the Association.
  • Notify the Association of any circumstances which may affect the General Principles of the Association.
  • Display the approved Association symbol on all correspondence and printed matter involving both the client and the debtor.

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